• Economical – up to 75% Cheaper Than Traditional Cigarettes!

    Smoking an E-Lites electronic cigarette will save you a lot of money with the equivalent of 20 cigarettes which usually cost around £6.50 costing around £1.60 through using E-Lites, the financial benefits are huge. If you smoke 20 a day you would save approximately £1500 a year by switching to E-Lites!

  • No Tobacco, No Harmful Chemicals, No Tar!

    E-Lites imitate the psychological and physiological process of smoking but contain NO Tobacco, NO Tar & NO Harmful Carcinogens. E-Lites are available in varying strength levels so that you can continue to ‘smoke’ in your accustomed fashion but in a harmless manner. We also provide refills in Menthol flavour. E-Lites don’t give you Smokers Breath, which many smokers feel makes them social outcasts on many occasions.

  • Legal - 'Smoke' Anywhere!

    E-Lites contain NO TOBACCO and are never LIT in any way - Thus entirely avoiding ALL smoking restrictions. E-Lites allow you to completely circumvent the smoking ban & provide you and/or your customers with a legal yet familiar way to satisfy the inevitable nicotine craving all smokers get. Our products are guaranteed to replicate the smoking experience authentically. With E-Lites you get plenty of "smoke" complete with a sumptuous & smooth cigarette taste.

  • If you are stocking E-Lites in your establishment you have at your disposal a USP & your customers will be grateful as they will not have to go outside to smoke.

    Allow your staff to 'smoke' freely at their desk with this harmless & legal solution & see your productivity increase.

    You may be the first licensed premises, office or public building in your town to offer legal indoor 'smoking' - over 300,000 businesses have chosen to do so worldwide so far with many more joining the ranks each day.

  • Quality Assurance & International Warranty

    E-Lites products are rigorously tested and subjected to both Quality Control & CE Assessments. E-Lites are Trade Marked and Globally Patented. As a UK based company we offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our range. As market leaders we pride ourselves on our exemplary & rigorous standards. For full details on our warranty please see the E-Lites warranty page.

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